SmartSnugg - Starter Pack 1.0 TOG


The SmartSnugg Starter Pack is a great way to get started using SmartSnugg in your household. As your child grows, you have the option to purchase larger SmartSleepers and simply move the pebble between each sleeping bag whilst remaining on the same profile within the app.

The SmartSnugg starter kit consists of:

1 x white SmartPebble

1 x SmartBridge

1 x SmartSleeper (personal choice of colour and size)

You also have the option of purchasing a SmartBlanket to enhance your system and whilst this might seem like an extra expense you will actually save money because you'll need fewer bags to cope with changing weather conditions.

We have three different types of starter packs in TOG ratings 0.5, 1.0 and 2.5, so all you have to do is select the colour and size of the SmartSleeper when building your starter pack. 

Once you have received your starter pack, you can download the free to use SmartSnugg app to monitor your little ones sleep and room settings.




The World’s First Infant Monitoring Sleeping Bag

The SmartSleeper® has been custom designed with a SmartPocket® to securely hold a SmartPebble® in place. The bags are made from a high-quality blend of cotton with an ultra-soft bamboo inner lining. These materials have been specially selected for both their luxurious textures and thermal properties. With the unique side-zipper allowing you to open the bag fully, it’s never been easier to change your child. The side-zipper design also allows the SmartPebble® to be positioned above the child’s chest to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

TOG (Thermal Overall Grade)

The TOG rating system provides information on the thickness and warmth of a clothing garment. This information helps you to take control of your child’s thermal comfort while they sleep. Until now, there has been no reliable way for parents to monitor the temperature inside their child’s sleeping bag accurately, let alone to know the ideal temperature for their child or a means of achieving it.

The SmartSleeper® changes all of that. All SmartSleepers® come with a SmartSnugg TOG Rating Guarantee® and are within 0.2TOG of the advertised TOG rating. This accuracy means you can be confident that our clothing recommendations will have a predictable impact on your child’s comfort and ambient sleeping temperature.

All SmartSleepers include an internal (patent pending) pocket, which is designed to integrate the SmartPebble into the sleeping bag, holding it in the perfect position, stopping infants playing with it, but making it accessible for carers who may want to swap a SmartPebble between several bags.

1.The SmartPocket will not irritate your child's skin, the pockets are constructed from soft cotton blends and have been thoroughly tested to ensure your child's comfort.

2. A stitched flap and a 'tortured path' will prevent your child from dislodging the SmartPebble but allows carers to access it in case they want to switch it between different SmartSleepers.

3. Located in the centre of the SmartSleeper and holding the SmartPebble in the perfect orientation, the SmartPocket is an important element of how we are able to provide you with consistent data that allows you to learn about your child's sleeping patterns and preferences.

Fully opening front panel

The unique positioning of the zipper on all SmartSleepers and the fact that the zipper continues under the child's feet, means that the front panel can be fully opened.

Making it easier for. you to dress your child for sleep and, even more importantly, making nappy changes during a sleep session more relaxing.

Full wadding

As a company we are focused on helping parents have the best possible tools to pro-actively manage their child's sleep comfort and safety. As parents we knew that some infant sleeping bags only had wadding up to a certain height (often around the chest). As we were testing bags we realised this had a major impact on the thermal performance of the bag and we found that we achieve far more consistent results using SmartSleepers with 100% consistent TOG ratings throughout the garment.

Premium 2-way zipper

We have paid attention to the details as we have built the SmartSleeper and we think it shows. Our zippers are strength tested and high quality. We have designed and made a custom zip puller which is attached to our Vision 4VS YKK Zipper - the world's leading zip designer and manufacturer.

SmartBlanket compatible

We are very proud of our SmartBlanket innovation and we have designed all of our SmartSleepers to be compatible with SmartBlankets of the corresponding size. We have achieved this by have four subtle and colour matched velcro patches on the reverse of each SmartSleeper.

After testing various options we found that velcro was the ideal solution for ensuring both the safety and comfort of your child, whilst also being easy to change if they are still sleepy. The image below shows you a reverse view of the attachment system and you can also see that the bottom portion of the blanket slots into a pouch in the blanket to give an extra level of security and comfort.

Swaddle option

Each SmartSleeper comes with the option to be used as a swaddle, using a simple two press stud system on each of the armholes.

SmartSnugg sleeping bags and blankets comply with AS/NZ Standard 1249/2014.

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