About Us

Here is our story!!

With Darby Baby being established in 2020, and built on an exceptional foundation; as the new owners we are thrilled to continue to grow the business and its model.

We are passionate about Darby Baby being a supportive and close knit community for new mums, mums, step mums and extending right across your support networks and friendships. Complimented by our vision for Darby Baby to be a place to find one of many high quality items, no matter what stage of your journey you are in.

With the careful selection of products, we will continue the legacy of selling these exceptional items and introducing new innovative products that we have used and gifted to friends and family; along with those that we know you will all love and enjoy!

As a family with three young children, living in the Nation’s Capital, we are excited to share in the journey of motherhood, whether it be your journey or someone close to you.

We are thrilled to announce some new partnerships coming in 2022.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding our products.

Lots of love

Shannon, Russell and Co